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The Pergola Juggernaut Will Rumble Into West Brompton This Year

Its latest al fresco venture will be called The Prince

An impression of The Prince, West Brompton
Incipio Group

Pergola shows no signs of slowing down its — at times terrifying — annexing of London outdoor dining, announcing plans to open a food “street” in West Brompton called The Prince, as reported by Hot Dinners.

Sticking with the west-is-best formula, the Incipio group’s lifestyle-aspirational moniker will link together four disused buildings in West Brompton to create something of a street/walkway/prison, with a “fully covered, intensely decorated” outdoor garden for the post-queue munch. The group also recently announced the opening of Feast Canteen in Hammersmith, making the move inside but keeping the same formula of popular street food vendors, tight spaces, and being as far away from Shoreditch as possible.

The Prince will be anchored by a pub that bears its name, with confirmed operators including the ever-present Patty & Bun, Peckham’s Thai favourite The Begging Bowl, Rabbit, the farm-to-table/locavore/wild food outfit from the Gladwin brothers, and MAM, a Vietnamese BBQ concept from the team behind Salvation in Noodles. The four restaurants and two bars will be joined together by a walkway, as well as the aforementioned “intensely decorated” garden, fully-heated and roofed to ensure things don’t get too al fresco.

Pergola’s concept is clearly a winner for the Incipio group given this expansive roll-out, and it would be a surprise if this were to be the last site for the west London cabal. While some responses have been lukewarm, the combination of patio heaters and trendy street food outfits won’t be getting old — for most — anytime soon.


16 All Saints Road, , England W11 1HH 020 7792 2665 Visit Website

Salvation in Noodles

122 Balls Pond, , England N1 4AE 020 7254 4534 Visit Website

Feast Canteen

Kings Mall, King Street, London, W6 9HW Visit Website


5 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, , London , W2 6PY Visit Website

The Begging Bowl

168 Bellenden Road, , England SE15 4BW 020 7635 2627 Visit Website

Patty & Bun

19 Borough High Street, , England SE1 9SE 020 7407 7994 Visit Website