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Deliveroo Editions Is Falling Foul of Council Regulations

Noise complaints and planning concerns are stifling output

Ben McMahon

Following the news of rapid expansion and successful funding in successive weeks, Deliveroo Editions has hit its first roadblock, as reported by The Guardian.

Some of London’s most popular restaurants are using the sites to grow their reach and distribution, with MEATLiquor, Ahi Poke, Tommi’s Burger Joint, Busaba and Mother Clucker all opening kitchens in recent weeks, but local authorities are cracking down on violations of planning permissions and noise restrictions.

The Camberwell Edition (or Roobox, as they are less luxuriously known) has been hit with the threat of closure from Southwark Council, Mark Williams citing the following:

The council is concerned by Deliveroo’s use of the Valmar Road trading estate as their kitchen pods are close to people’s homes, are clearly disturbing the residents and they didn’t apply for the necessary planning permission.

We have served a planning enforcement notice that requires Deliveroo to stop preparing and delivering food from the site. We encourage them to work with us and listen to local residents so that we can find a long-term solution.

Councillors in Haringey and Hove have raised similar concerns, with the scale such that Deliveroo’s adherence to rules and regulations at a time of rapid growth appears problematic at best. While a spokesperson for the London-based company has said that “we have been talking with local residents to put in place measures to deal with any concerns” and “where there are issues with planning permission, we will work closely with relevant local authorities to ensure they are resolved,” there is a distinct air of being caught out. With Editions in Swiss Cottage, Whitechapel, Islington, Crouch End, Bermondsey and Wimbledon on the horizon, it seems likely that further conflict isn’t far away.


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