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Twisted News as Facebook Page Opens Delivery-Only Restaurant [Updated]

The line between the web and reality grows ever hazier

Twisted London

It has finally happened: a Facebook page is opening a restaurant.

Twisted Food, the brainchild of Jungle Creations, has just announced plans to open a delivery-only restaurant in the capital this November, under the appropriate moniker of Twisted London.

The page has 6,878,085 followers at the time of writing and is a winning template for the iconic and/or infuriating #flatlay recipe video, with recipes like Caembert Hedgehog Bread and Sushi Burgers becoming viral sensations and every other recipe being presented as a #hack.

The menu will reflect the “adventurous spirit” of its virtual parent: whether or not all meals will be served from a birds-eye perspective remains to be seen, but it is certain that dishes will be primed to go viral in the real world as much as they do online. Said dishes include seven burgers, including the Fu Manchu with kimchi and sour beef and the Hot Swayze with ghost chilli (!) buffalo chicken and blue cheese sauce. Twisted will also offer four types of loaded fries, ‘Twisted Pots’ including Cajun Chicken with papaya salad, and desserts including Apple Crumble Waffle and, inevitably, Rainbow Cheesecake. All of these dishes and more will be available within a 2 mile radius of Aldgate E1 from 11:00am - 11:30pm Monday-Sunday, from Monday 13 November.

Following collaborations with Oreo, Knorr, Cadbury’s and Baileys, this is the platform’s first stand-alone foray into the world of food outside of Facebook, with Head Chef Tom Ewer saying: “I am really excited to be a part of this momentous venture. We have spent months tasting and developing different dishes with the Twisted social team, and have planned everything right down to the last detail; from how the menu travels to the presentation and packaging. I am very proud of the menu we have developed and I can't wait for the people of London to taste our creations.” The first to taste the offering will be attendees of November’s London Tech Week, with roll-out following later that month.

With Deliveroo Editions stumbling over council regulations, perhaps Twisted’s colossal following/army can carve out a gap in the market. Londoners will be keeping a keen eye from behind their screens and from above — shocked reacts only for now, please.