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New South London Seafood Restaurant Wants to ‘Take on Michelin-Starred Gastropubs’

Ex-Caprice Holdings bar manager Leon Costa is opening Black Bream next month

The John Dory will replace Wimsey’s in Parsons Green
Courtesy of The John Dory

A new British seafood restaurant by an ex-Caprice Holdings bar manager Leon Costa will open in Parsons Green in south west London this December. Black Bream, will specialise in British seafood and stock beers, wine and spirits — all, exclusively from the UK. It will open at 177 New Kings Road. For Costa, who worked at Caprice’s J Sheekey fish restaurant, Black Bream is said to be the “first in a series of venues his new company is looking to open.”

A spokesperson for the business said: “The restaurant will be a British seafood place with focus on oysters and lobster and wants to take on Michelin-star gastropubs in London.”

The 1,473 sq ft building is being “extensively refurbished to house a bar and restaurant — the first in a series of venues planned by Costa’s company Gil to Fin Emporiums Ltd.”

Emma Cousins and Abi Thompson, of Cedar Dean Group, which acted for the previous tenant on the deal, said: “The location will be perfect for Leon Costa’s exciting new concept as it is very residential with a high footfall. It has been great working with Gil to Fil Emporiums; Costa has such passion in his business and is [already] looking forward to finding his second site.”