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The Five Pound Note: Pueblito Paisa Cafe

Lady Godiva jumps the Victoria Line to Little Colombia

‘Empanada de Carne’
Pueblito Paisa Cafe

This is a new weekly note by Laura Goodman (aka Eater London’s Lady Godiva) on how to spend a fiver.

My husband works near Pueblito Paisa Cafe by Seven Sisters station and has been bringing home their Colombian empanadas for some time now. He long ago decided —and transpired to be right, for once — that the beef ones are better than the chicken ones. The beef version has a thinner, crispier, deep-fried cornmeal crust, and a really delicious stewy filling of slow-cooked beef with potato and onion, whereas the chicken version has too much crust to my taste — it’s mealier and has hefty, pasty-like crimping.

But I’m not mugging you off by making you choose one empanada over the other, because with this week’s fiver, you can try both. Beef is £1 and chicken is £2.50. Either way, the fantastic hot sauce is essential.

This week, in light of my new appendage — I mean, column — I decided to eat in. And I can reveal that if you go ahead and blow the whole budget (£5, in case you haven’t got the gist of this yet) on a pot of good guacamole with a pile of golden, tender cassava chips, you will not be mad at me.

Stay warm,


Pueblito Paisa Cafe
235 High Road
South Tottenham N15 5JT