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Sushi Restaurant ‘Even for Those Who Don’t Like Fish’ Announces Fifth London Site

Danish-born Japanese brand Sticks’n’Sushi moves into Victoria

Nigiri selection at Sticks’n’Sushi

The Danish restaurant group Sticks’n’Sushi — yakitori skewers and sushi — has announced that its fifth restaurant in London (seventh in the UK) will open in Victoria on Friday 8 December. The two-storey site, designed by London-based Neri & Hu, will become the latest restaurant to open in the Nova development, joining — among others — Shake Shack, Hai Cenato, Franco Manca and Stoke House.

Sticks’n’Sushi Victoria will feature two open-plan dining areas, across two floors, plus a private dining room for sixteen and a bar for teas, coffees and cocktail. A ‘Photo Album’ style menu will include nigiri and yakitori (which can be ordered by the single piece) to “deluxe sharing sets” for two or more, as well as maki rolls, greens, salads and chirashi bowls.

Food-wise, Sticks’n’Sushi’s says it is: “a sushi restaurant even for those who don’t like fish,” because “many meat dishes are available, including an indulgent Wagyu beef tartare, as well as vegetarian choices for every course.” Service-wise, the operators believe in merydelser — Danish for ‘going the extra mile,’ where “the guest at the heart of everything they do.” In other words “quality is never compromised for speed”; and “freshness trumps waiting time, every time.”

About the opening in Victoria, Group COO Andreas Karlsson said, “For thousands of people every day, whether coming from near or very far, Victoria is their gateway to London — a city we have come to love as much as our home city of Copenhagen. We would be happy to think that before they start discovering London, they will first stop here for a taste of Tokyo, via Copenhagen — experiencing the world without even leaving SW1."

Sticks’n’Sushi was founded in a Copenhagen basement in 1994 by half-Danish, half-Japanese brothers Jens and Kim Rahbek and Thor Andersen. The company now operates twelve restaurants in and around the Danish capital. The first London restaurant opened in Wimbledon in 2012 and has since been joined by sites in Covent Garden, Greenwich and Canary Wharf.

Opening hours. Sunday – Monday: 12 noon—10pm; Tuesday – Saturday: 12 noon—11pm

Franco Manca

20 The Broadway, , England SW19 1RE 020 8947 4368 Visit Website

Hai Cenato

79 Buckingham Palace Road, , England SW1E 5DJ 020 3816 9320 Visit Website

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