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At Dirty Bones, The Restaurant Influences You

With an ‘Insta-pack’ designed to improve your food photos

Instagram-ready fish tacos at Dirty Bones

After an agonising 48 hours of deep soul-searching in the #foodie universe, change is afoot. Influencers in all parts have come to repent at the Altar of Ethical Consumption, inspired by George Reynolds’ Modest Proposal that we eat with our morals in mind and our phones in our pockets. Newly-launched Instagram account Clemency Boy was unavailable for comment beyond forty iterations of the praying hands emoji.

At Dirty Bones, however, a bastion of eating with the eyes endures against the changing tide, swapping cutlery for chromatic optimisation with an Insta-ready foodie kit — the ‘Insta pack.’

Dirty Bones’ Insta pack

With a cheeky request at the door — just before your establishing shot for your latest story — or, for maximum intrusion, halfway through dinner, you can get your hands on all you need to take hot pics for sweet likes. A clip-on lens, flash and selfie stick increase available angles, illumination and the likelihood of complaint from fellow diners, while a multi-device charger eliminates the risk of enjoying a dinner peppered by good conversation and emotional connection without interruption.

As reported by Mashable, Dirty Bones launched the kit in "recognition of the movement and importance of Instagram in present-day foodie culture" and a desire to "enable guests to share Dirty Bones Soho's best qualities without compromising the cost atmosphere and design". Crowdsourcing media coverage sounds good to us, too. If you’ve got some sweet shots, tag @eaterlondon and we’ll repost our favourites. But no promises on the selfie-stick.