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Brindisa Will Host a Dinner Devoted to Ibérico Pork

Florence Knight, Rowley Leigh, Margot Henderson and Richard Turner join Josep Carbonell on 19 September

Ibérico pork will be the subject of a one-off collaborative dinner at Brindisa on Rupert Street in London’s Soho next month. A group of some of London’s most well-known British chefs will come together for “Ode to the Bellota” — each showcasing a different cut of Señorio de Montanera’s Ibérico de Bellota, from the Extremadura region of southwest Spain.

Rowley Leigh, former Polpetto chef Florence Knight, Hawksmoor’s Richard — Mr Meat — Turner and Margot Henderson from Rochelle Canteen will join Brindisa’s head chef Josep Carbonell for the dinner — an event designed to showcase the meat’s versatility.

Brindisa Rupert Street, the fifth in the group’s London restaurant portfolio has been relaunched following its opening as Morada Brindisa two years ago. It aims to celebrate Brindisa’s position at the vanguard of authentic Spanish cuisine in London.

Josep Carbonell

Co-founder, Monika Linton said: “We wanted to take Brindisa Rupert Street back to our origins; championing Spanish produce and showcasing the depth of Spain’s food culture. Spanish cooking is so much more than just the tapas dishes everyone is familiar with — this is an invitation to discover the wealth of choices and cuts the unique Ibérico pig provides — Señorio de Montanero is a fine example of a dehesa farmer offers us excellent Ibérico fresh meat along with charcuterie and hams. We’ve gathered chefs we’ve long admired and can’t wait to showcase the versatility of Iberico pork, often referred to as ‘the carnivore’s ultimate meat.’”

Ibérico de Bellota is most commonly enjoyed in the UK as jamon, the (minimum) 36-month cured pork leg, from pata negra (black-footed) pigs whose diet is is comprised principally of acorns (bellota) eaten from the floor of the wild Spanish dehesa. But the meat is also a Spanish delicacy when served fresh — presa and secreta (both sections of the loin) are among the best-known and most celebrated cuts, routinely found in some of London’s best Spanish restaurants, including Jose. The meat can be cooked pink, unlike a lot of British pork.

Tickets for the dinner, on September 19, will be available from 19 August here — £35. 18-20 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DF.