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Caprice Holdings Have Acquired Grain Store Site in Granary Square

Grain Store closes this week and will auction all kitchen equipment and restaurant furniture

Grain Store in Granary Square, which closes this week

Caprice Holdings have acquired the site which this week is being vacated by Bruno Loubet’s Grain Store in Granary Square, King’s Cross.

When contacted by Eater London this morning, Caprice Holdings, economical with detail, issued their official statement, confirming they have acquired the premises, adding: “As of August 2017, Caprice Holdings has entered the licensing process for a space on Granary Square, 1-3 Stable St, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AB, to open a new restaurant.”

Loubet’s Grain Store officially closes on Wednesday this week. They have announced that they will auction all of the kitchen equipment, dining room furniture and restaurant fixtures and fittings this Thursday. Guide prices on tables, chairs, grills, mirrors and curtains can all be seen in this document, published by the restaurant.

That document states that the keys will be handed back to the landlord on 31 August, raising the possibility that Caprice will have access to the site to begin works following the bank holiday weekend.

Caprice are the latest of a number of restaurant groups to be connected to the area, amid rumours that other big players — including Padella, Harts Brothers and Columbo Group — in the industry are moving on sites in King’s Cross, as reported by Eater London last month.

More details will be published when they are made available.