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Austrian Chef Lukas Mraz Is Newcomer Wines’ Latest Guest

The chef will do kitchen takeover of the Austrian wine bar in Dalston next month

Jens Oellermann

Lukas Mraz, a rising star in Austrian gastronomy’s new wave, will take over the kitchen at Peter Honegger’s Newcomer Wines in Dalston between the 7 and 9 September.

The 26 year-old is the former head chef of Cordobar, said to be Berlin’s first and most important natural wine bar. He has also worked at two-Michelin-starred Mraz & Sohn — one of Vienna’s top restaurants, which is owned by his father Markus.

Earlier this month Lucas Mraz participated in Gelinaz, the global chef collective that brings together many of the biggest names in the world of food and restaurants. “Gelinaz! Does Upper-Austria” was this year a celebration of a renascent Austrian culinary scene; Mraz was one of 24 chefs to attend, working alongside the likes of David Chang, René Redzepi, Bo Songivsava and Ana Roš.

Newcomer Wines

Newcomer Wines is one of a number of innovative new-wave wine bars in London. Like P. Franco in Clapton they are focused on lesser-known styles, a number of which are low-interventional and natural. At Newcomer, the wines are almost exclusively Austrian. Day-to-day, the food menu focuses on charcuterie and cheese, but Honegger has told Eater London that they’re looking to increase the number of chef takeovers, which have proved such a hit at P. Franco.

The Lukas Mraz takeover is walk-in only. No reservations. Details of the menu will be made available next week. Newcomer Wines, 5 Dalston Lane, London E8 3DF.