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Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter Tilly Creates Children’s Menus For Her Dad’s Restaurants

The celebrity chef’s daughter will pilot the #TillyTakeover across the UK

Tilly and Gordon Ramsay

Gordon and Tana Ramsay’s second eldest daughter, Matilda — Tilly — Ramsay will debut a series of #TillyTakovers, creating children’s menus for her father’s restaurants in the UK.

The 15-year-old has designed a children’s menu that will be available at the majority of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, including: Bread Street Kitchen, Heddon Street Kitchen, London House, Maze Grill Mayfair, Maze Grill Park Walk, Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road, The Narrow, Union Street Café, York & Albany and Plane Food. It will not be available at three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road in Chelsea.

The young cook and Instagram personality is already known to food-loving kids across the UK from her CBBC show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, which has completed three series. She has also appeared on the Late Late Show in the U.S. with James Cordon — and has released a children’s cookbook, Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover.


Children who visit Ramsay’s restaurants will be able to try her creations which include: “Slam Dunk” meatballs, mini fish and chips, “Pop Power” chocolate brownies and ice cream sandwiches.

Presumably without fear of reprisal, the young Ramsay said, “Dad might think he’s the best cook in the Ramsay family but I can beat him hands down when it comes to scrummy home-cooked food.”

Ramsay’s restaurants in the U.K. are known for their offering a ‘kids eat for free policy’ at selected sites. A statement on their website says, “You know how tricky it can be to find a place to eat where all the family feels welcome and comfortable. Well, we have several restaurants that do precisely that. And to prove it, we invite kids under 12* to dine free from our delicious children’s menus whenever they eat out with you. That’s all day, every day. (Selected UK restaurants only).”

The group have confirmed that the ‘under 12 for free’ policy will also apply to Tilly’s children’s menu.

Correction: based on reports, this article originally stated that Tilly Ramsay’s children’s menu would be available at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. The Ramsay Group have since confirmed that the will not be available at that restaurant.