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St. John Appoint New Head of Wine Operations — plus More News

Plus Dan Doherty is doing a Nape takeover, Chop Bloc is opening in London and Deliveroo announce £1 tea-flavoured ice cream

Victoria Sharples, St. John’s new head of wine operations
  • The St. John group have appointed a new head of wine operations. At the end of August Victoria Sharples will oversee on-trade and online direct sales, buying and development, and training for the St. JOHN restaurant teams; in France, she will manage the organisation and development of the Boulevard Napoleon and St. John Wine brands. Boulevard Napoleon wines will soon be on sale in Australia, Lebanon and California; they are currently available on lists in New York and Toronto.
  • Nape, the British charcuterie bar in Camberwell are inviting Duck & Waffle chef, Dan Doherty for a Sunday Summer Session on 20 August. Doherty will soon open his own restaurant Sprout. The takeover at Nape will showcase the style of cooking he will bring to that restaurant. The four-course menu will include: Hangover oysters; Pea hummus, smoked yogurt and garden vegetables; Grilled lamb chops, zhoug, spiced aubergine, & feta and Buttermilk cheesecake, peaches and mint. There are two lunch sittings — midday or 2.30pm, both 30-covers — Tickets can are available to purchase online through Biletto.
  • MCA have tweeted that Chelmsford-based burger and steakhouse Chop Bloc have lined up their first London restaurant — on the former Burger and Lobster site in Holborn.
Ice cream in a tea cup, Deliveroo x Udderlicious
  • Deliveroo has announced a new English Breakfast Tea flavoured ice cream, created in partnership with Udderlicious. The limited edition ‘summer’ flavour will be avilable from 14 August and is available for £1 per scoop via the Deliveroo app.