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51 Year Old Indian Restaurant Gaylord Closed by Food Standards Agency [Updated]

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‘Hygiene emergency prohibition notice’ was served on 25 August

Gaylord Restaurant

The iconic 51 year old Indian restaurant Gaylord in central London has been closed by the Food Standards Agency. The notice was served by the Government’s department through Westminster City Council on Friday 25 August.

Although Gaylord’s website says: “WHILE WE CARRY OUT EMERGENCY STRUCTURAL WORKS, THE RESTAURANT WE BE CLOSED TILL FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE CAUSED,” Eater London confirmed with Westminster City Council this morning that a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice was served last Friday.

Eater London acquired a photograph of the Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice from Westminster City Council, fixed to the front of the restaurant. The reason given is because “of a serious infestation of cockroaches and poor maintenance of routine cleaning.” This contradicts other signs also fixed to the restaurant’s front windows, which read: “Closed for emergency structural repairs.”

The Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice on the door of Gaylord Restaurant
Eater London

A document publicly available via the Food Standards Agency states the following details, regarding a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition:

Hygiene Emergency Prohibition
If Authorised Officer is satisfied that an Imminent Risk of injury to health exists in respect of
Premises, piece of equipment or process
May serve Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice (HEPN)
This will ensure immediate closure of premises or;
prohibition of equipment/process

According to a representative in the food safety department at Westminster City Council there is no timeline for reopening. The representative stated that the restaurant will remain closed until the removal of the risk which resulted in the business being served the notice. Sources told Eater London that the restaurant is expecting an inspection today and hope to reopen next week.

The site, though to be one of London’s first Indian restaurants, opened on 18 June, 1966. Last year they celebrated the restaurant’s 50th anniversary.

Eater London was unable to reach anyone at the restaurant this morning.

Gaylord Restaurant

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