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‘Guilt-Free’ Fast Food Restaurant Chik’N Secures Second Site in Islington

Carl Clarke and David Wolanski begin their roll-out

Chik’N’s breakfast muffin
Chick’N Official

Carl Clarke and David Wolanski will open a second branch of their fast food chicken shop Chik’n in Islington in the new year. Big Hospitality and MCA report that they have acquired the site formerly occupied by Costa coffee at 242 Upper Street. The site will be bigger than the original site on Baker Street and will recognise a “different, more residential demographic.”

The duo, who are also behind the popular mini-chain Chick ‘n’ Sours — for which they are eyeing a third site, are thought to be planning a roll-out for the Chik’n brand. They have said that they have designed the brand for roll-out.

Clarke is keen to challenge the negative presuppositions that accompany fast food and fried chicken shops, saying that he wants to change “fried chicken for the good.” The chef-owner, recognising his business’ direct competitors, also told Eater London in July that: “We put our cock on the blocks — our neighbours are McDonald’s, Itsu and KFC. I think people really got behind our purpose and see that we’re trying to change things.” The ethically-minded brand uses only free-range chickens and is committed to paying all staff above the London Living Wage.

It is believed that Clarke and Wolanski are also planning to roll-out the brand regionally, with visions for sites in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.


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