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Gaylord Restaurant Reopens After 10-Day Closure

51 year old Indian restaurant’s ‘health risk condition no longer exists’

Gaylord Restaurant

The iconic 51 year old Indian restaurant Gaylord in Fitzrovia has reopened after its unforeseen closure at the start of this month.

The restaurant — which was closed on 25 August, having been served a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice — was issued a “Certificate that the health risk no longer exists” on 4 September. Eater London understands that the restaurant has faced no further issues and has been operating as normal since then.

A spokesperson for the restaurant told Eater London that the hygiene issues faced by the restaurant were “as a result of the Crossrail [train tunnel digging] works taking place beneath Soho and Fitzrovia — and the resultant disruption.”

The notice, which certifies the restaurant no longer poses a health risk, states:

“The enforcement authority certifies that it is satisfied you have taken sufficient measures to secure the health risk condition described in the:
Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice served on you on 25 August 2017 is no longer fulfilled with respect to the food business.”

Courtesy Gaylord