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Notting Hill's Clean Eating Farmacy Sells Syringes of Health at Selfridges

The bar has conveniently popped up in time for the inevitable new year health kick

Syringe shots from Farmacy
Farmacy Official

Clean-eating vanguardists Farmacy have launched a “healthy shot” pop-up at Selfridges Food Hall for January/February 2018, as reported by Hot Dinners.

Capitalising on the growing appetite for #veganuary and other such campaigns (see also: new year, new me; eat well; clean eating) the bar will run from 8 January to 15 February, during normal Selfridges hours. Their herbal remedies will be served up in syringes for maximum ‘grammability. Five of the shots are recipes from the restaurant, each of them promising various health benefits:

  • Fire Starter — ginger, turmeric, cayenne & lemon
    immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory, circulatory & a digestive aid
  • O.M.G. — organic CBD* powder, flaxseed oil & grapefruit
    blood cleansing, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever & cell enhancing
  • Beautify — goji berries, shizandra berries, silica & aloe vera
    hydrating, improves elasticity & firmness of skin, brain food, cleansing & eases digestion
  • Antidote — activated charcoal & raw coconut water
    detoxifying, absorbs toxins & anti-ageing
  • Melt Away — ginkgo, turmeric, gotu kola, garcinia, milk thistle & cucumber juice
    metabolism booster

The sixth is a Selfridges exclusive, called Healthridges, natch. This blends colloidal silver, oregano oil, black seed oil, wild harvested bluegreen algae and orange flower water, is £6 (as are all the other shots on offer) and combats colds. £6 also buys 16 cold and flu all-in-one capsules from a well-known health retailer, but does not buy the glow of going to possibly the most gilded corner of Oxford Street to get well. As the annual influx of morality dining makes its inevitable appearance, it’s worth remembering that such an attitude is not for everyone and can be seriously damaging:

Farmacy’s original restaurant opened in Westbourne Grove in summer 2016, and despite acclaim from various lifestyle brands, drew the ire of now The Sunday Times critic Marina O’Loughlin when she reviewed it for The Guardian: “Oh, and I have a “Farmaceutical syringe shot” – an actual syringe filled with a thimbleful of, among other things, gotu kola and garcinia – for five quid. Might also feature sucka.”

*That’s cannabis, for weeding out the true acolytes.