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London Burger Chain Trolls McDonald’s With Latest Delivery Stunt

MEATliquor releases the Ecstatic Meal. It’s £2.69

MEATLiquor’s Ecstatic Meal
Courtesy Deliveroo

The London-born burger chain MEATliquor has unveiled its latest collaboration with restaurant delivery company, Deliveroo — an in doing so has very deliberately trolled international burger brand McDonald’s.

The “Ecstatic Meal” — priced at £2.69, the same price as McDonald’s signature “Happy Meal” — will be available from lunchtime tomorrow (Friday) for one day only. Without explicitly identifying its source of inspiration, it is called “a grown-up version of a childhood classic.”

One has to assume MEATLiquor accountant is on holiday, considering the meal deal includes:

  • MEATliquor’s signature double-patty Dead Hippie burger — itself a riff on the Big Mac — and which ordinarily costs £9. It is also a trusted friend of Deliveroo, named among the most popular 100 dishes globally in 2017 and in the past registered as London’s most ordered item on the platform.
  • Hash browns because, presumably, French fries would have completely blown the stunt’s cover. RRP £3.
  • A soft drink. RRP £2.
  • And, of course, a toy. Nay, “quirky gifts,” which will range from a squidgy unicorn poop toy to a hungry shark stressball.
  • All of which will be packaged in a collectible “limited edition carrier.”

That means, with a calculation that includes the cheapest soft drink on the MEATliquor menu, a saving of £11.31.

A chuffed Scott Collins, co-founder and MD at MEATliquor said: “The Ecstatic Meal is a treat for those who are scrimping towards the end of the month. Don’t have to be minted to enjoy some MEAT… Bonus is that it contains the hangover’s nemesis, the Dead Hippie™.”

While Joe Groves at Deliveroo chose to generalise: “Everyone hates January, he said. “You’re skint from Christmas, all of your boring friends are running rather than going to the pub and it’s really, really cold. We won’t stand for this! And at a price that doesn’t leave anyone out in the cold we hope to banish the blues — if only for a day.”


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