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A ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burger Makes UK Debut in Dalston Next Month

Moving Mountains at Mildreds wants people to “bite into the future”

Moving Mountains’ bleeding vegan burger

The plant-based development company Moving Mountains has announced it will debut a “bleeding” vegan burger in partnership with the east London-based vegetarian restaurant, Mildreds. It is being billed as the UK’s “first ever meatless raw ‘bleeding’ burger” and will be available at the venue’s Dalston site from the 24 February.

The trademarked so-called B12 Burger — a plant-based invention whose hero ingredient is the vitamin B12 — contains mushroom, as well as (20g) proteins: pea, potato, wheat and soy; coconut oil, beetroot, flavouring, sugar, colouring, vitamin B12, preservative, herbs, vegetable oil, water, spices.

Moving Mountains says of its creation:

“Never has a burger tasted so delicious without the loss of a single animal life. Smell it when raw. Watch it Sizzle in the pan and go golden brown. Dress it how you like and dig right in! ... you won’t find any traces of cholesterol, antibiotics or hormones.”

The art of “bleeding” is made possible by the inclusion of beetroot juice, and is a technique that appears inspired by the “Impossible Burger” which has generated a certain kind of excitement across America — most recently in Chicago, Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon.

Moving Mountains asks a fair question: Do people want to bite into the future?

Mildred's Dalston

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