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Westminster Politicians Love Burgers, Thai Food, Ramen, and Pizza

Delivery giant Deliveroo reveals that political properties in Westminster favour Rosa’s Thai, Bleecker, and Bone Daddies

Rosa’s Thai will open a Thai restaurant in Liverpool, its first outside London
Rosa’s Thai is the most ordered from restaurant among Westminster’s political class
Rosa’s Thai [Official Photo]

It has been revealed that the most popular restaurants ordered via delivery app Deliveroo to political addresses in Westminster include a Thai chain, three burger restaurants, and a Hawaiian poke shop.

Politico reported yesterday that Deliveroo data had Rosa’s Thai as the most ordered in Westminster, while Byron comes in second, Pimilico Tandoori at third, Bleecker burger fourth, and Ahi Poke at fifth.

Apparently at the Treasury — where former chancellor and now-Evening Standard editor George Osborne’s legacy is still felt — burgers are the order of the day. Specifically, the struggling chain, Byron, and the ascendent NYC-inspired London favourite, Bleecker. Osborne, of course, made the headlines when he was seen devouring a £6.75 Byron burger and fries the night before he released the budget in 2013. Liz Truss, the Conservative MP for South West Norfolk, has previously said that she was a fan of Bleecker’s burgers.

Deliveroo says these restaurants are the most popular “ordered by MPs, officials and journalists” in the Westminster village in the last six months. Data is taken from addresses that include official government departments, Parliament itself, and Millbank studios.

Here’s the top 10 most popular restaurants via Deliveroo among Westminster’s political classes:

  1. Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Victoria
  2. Byron, burgers, Haymarket
  3. Pimlico Tandoori, Indian, Pimlico
  4. Bleecker Burger, Victoria
  5. Ahi Poke, Victoria
  6. Bone Daddies, ramen, Soho
  7. Firecracker, Modern Asian, Westminster
  8. Five Guys, burgers, Piccadilly
  9. Old Town 97, Chinese, Soho
  10. Pizza Express, Millbank

Bleecker burger

41 Grosvenor Gardens, , England SW1W 0BP

Bone Daddies

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