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Waitrose Food Magazine Editor Proposes Anti-Vegan Article Series

Plus more London restaurant news today

Waitrose food editor William Sitwell proposed a killing vegans article series by email Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Supermarket food editor replies to a pitch with a pitch

William Sitwell committed a cardinal editorial sin by responding to a freelancer’s pitch, with a pitch. That freelancer, Selene Nelson, pitched a series of vegan articles to Waitrose Food. In an email seen by Buzzfeed News, Sitwell, in response, pitched a number of insensitive questions: “a series on killing vegans, one by one. Ways to trap them? How to interrogate them properly? Expose their hypocrisy?” Not a good look, especially not for Plant-based News. Sitwell apologised, saying that he “love[s] and respect[s] people of all appetites...” Waitrose, meanwhile, distanced itself from the editor, calling his language “extremely inappropriate.”

The U.K.’s largest pan-Asian chain swallowed by high street behemoth

Wagamama will be sold to The Restaurant Group for £559 million.

Mayfair restaurateur unimpressed by bro-style meal replacements

Richard Corrigan submitted to a meal-substitute test at the behest of Bloomberg, testing out Huel, Soylent, and Saturo. While for the Corrigan’s and Bentley’s chef-owner deemed Huel acceptable, the “chalky flavour” of Saturo and the brain-melting blandness of Soylent left Corrigan yearning for “the sharing, cracking open a bottle of wine.”

Soylent meal replacement tested by Mayfair chef Richard Corrigan
Soylent, folks

Don’t touch the cacio e pepe. Don’t touch it

Stevie Parle has felt the effects of going against the ‘gram this week, with “actual riots” greeting the removal of 2018’s essential pasta, cacio e pepe, from his Soho pasta restaurant, Pastaio. Fellow restaurateur and St Leonard’s co-chef-patron Jackson Boxer is perplexed by the dish’s enduring appeal. The art of the subtweet, in miniature?

A vegan burger at Honest Burgers Honest Burgers [Official Photo]

Basing things on plants: the latest

No vegan lives at risk here: Honest Burgers will roll out its plant-based burger across all its restaurants after a successful trial in King’s Cross. According to co-founder Tom Barton, the patty by Beyond Meat “has a great bite, a tender texture and sears like meat.” William Sitwell was unavailable for comment.


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