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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Pins Its Hopes on Vegan Freebies

A “racist” advertising campaign didn’t work, but on trend ingredients might — plus more restaurant news today

Burgers and onion rings at GBK - Gourmet Burger Kitchen, the high street burger restaurant chain closing restaurants Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Basing things on plants: the latest

Gourmet Burger Kitchen will stave off impending restaurant closures and accusations of racist burger advertising with plant-based freebies. The struggling high street burger chain will give away 900 plant-based burgers — quinoa patty, pulled jackfruit, relish — across the U.K. on World Vegan Day (Thursday 1 November.)

Waitrose food editor steps down

William Sitwell has stepped down from his role as editor of Waitrose Food, as reported by the i newspaper. Sitwell responded to a pitch from freelance journalist Selene Nelson with an email in which he proposed a fatuous series of articles “killing vegans, one by one.” Nelson then passed the email to Buzzfeed News, as part of another pitch for a series of articles on hostility towards vegans. The organisation deemed the individual email worthy of reporting in isolation, instead.

Vampiric pizzeria announces second restaurant

Lost Boys will open a second pizzeria in Mornington Crescent. Named for the 1980s vampire film, the new restaurant will pair a downstairs absinthe bar with a pizzeria serving its signature black charcoal base.

Historic department store completes food hall restoration

Harrods describes its newly refurbished fresh market hall as “the everyday essential done exceptionally well.” It also promises Kobe and wagyu beef at the butcher counter.