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Yes, Ikea Meatballs Will Be Available on Uber Eats This Month

The Scandi flat-pack giant briefly pivots to food delivery

Ikea meatballs will be available via Uber Eats this month
Uber Eats [Official Photo]

Ikea will make its iconic meatballs available for delivery on Uber Eats — for four days, within a two kilometre radius — according to Hot Dinners.

The ubiquitous Swedish flat-packers will be delivering the meatballs anywhere within two kilometres of a kitchen on Geffrye Street in Hoxton, east London; what makes this regional demographic particularly appealing is thus far unknown. What’s really striking is that the meatballs will come with furniture, including lighting chains, table runners, and an artificial flower. Here’s how it breaks down:

The Snug | £10 | 2 people

  • Meatballs x20
  • Mash potato [sic] or chips
  • Cream sauce
  • Lingonberry jam
  • Daim cake x 2
  • Sanela cushion cover
  • Avsiktig napkins
  • New Oddrun throw
  • Sinnlig scented candle

The Family Platter | £20 | 4 people

  • Meatballs x20
  • Veggie balls x20
  • Mash potato [sic] or chips
  • Veggie balls x 20
  • Butternut squash, courgette and kale hash
  • Cream sauce
  • Lingonberry jam
  • Daim cake x 2
  • Plain sugar donut x 2
  • Vinter (VINTER) 2018 disposable cup x10 pack
  • Vinter (VINTER) 2018 disposable paper plate x10 pack
  • New Strala LED lighting chain
  • Fantastik paper napkin
  • Marit table runner

A vegetarian ‘formal’ pairs the veggie balls with the butternut squash hash, coming in at £10 for two. With all items set to be flat-packed separately for dish self-assembly, the packaging ought to be recyclable; the offer will run 16 — 20 November.

Given the two kilometre radius’ limitations, expect to see Londoners standing on street corners or hiding out in doorways, waiting for the big blue bag to arrive.