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Two New Thai Restaurants Will Open in Soho

Wild Rice and Mamasan will take the place of Thai restaurant Jane Tira on Brewer Street next month

“Reinvented Thai food” will arrive on Brewer Street in Soho next month. Two new restaurants, Wild Rice and Mamasan, will replace the Thai street food site Jane Tira, marking the restaurant debut for pair Pan Serirak and Mike Asavarut.

As first reported by Hot Dinners, the 36-seater Wild Rice — on the ground floor, will serve small plates to share, combining “bold and vibrant Thai flavours,” with seasonal British ingredients in a bid to reinvent classic dishes.

Beneath that, in a basement, Mamasan — a 25-seater “casual concept” — will serve “street food” dishes like Thai fried chicken and the increasingly omnipresent bubble tea, both in alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Serirak and Asavarut say that the Wild Rice menu features authentic Thai dishes passed through generations, “reinvigorated and refreshed.” A menu, which wants to offer “lots of healthy options,” will change seasonally.

Here’s a selection of dishes customers can expect from Wild Rice from next month.

  • Goi pla Thai ceviche: raw seabass, lime, red chilli, fish sauce, and toasted rice
  • ‘Yum’ chargrilled beef salad: grilled beef, garlic, cherry tomatoes, fish sauce, red chilli, and lime
  • Pulled chicken leg ‘khao soi’ soup: turmeric, shallot, galangal, and coconut
  • Plaa salmon: salmon sashimi, chilli, lime leaf, lemongrass, and lime
  • Thai avocado salad: avocado, courgette, garlic, and lime dressing
  • Pad Thai woonsen in claypot: vermicelli, beansprout, carrot, peanut, and tamarind

Mamasan is inspired by the Yaowarat Thai bars in Bangkok, where a dish of southern Thai fried chicken, seasoned with coriander root, garlic, and soy sauce and topped with crispy shallots, has been marked out to become a signature.

Both restaurants will open on 3 December at 28 Brewer Street, Soho, W1F 0SR.