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Vote Now for London’s Most Beautiful Restaurant of the Year [Poll Closed]

What’s the best-looking restaurant in the city?

Evening Standard/Stringer

Welcome to the eighth annual (and second London) Eater Awards, honouring the most talented restaurants, chefs, innovators, and business owners in cities across the world. Here’s how the Eater Awards work: All 24 Eater cities and the national site will issue prizes in multiple categories, including but not limited to Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year, and Design of the Year.

In each category there’ll be an editor’s choice winner and a reader’s choice winner — all to be announced on 5 December, 2018. The reader’s choice winner receives the truly prestigious status of being an Eater fan favourite. The editor’s choice winner will receive an incredible large format tomato can trophy, of which there are currently only five known examples outside of North America.

Beyond that, throughout the course of next year, Eater London will publish a feature on each of the editor’s choice winners. A bit like this.

Now is the time to vote for the reader’s choice winner in the Design of the Year category. This poll will be open for only 24 hours and will be (much more) strictly policed (than last year) to legislate against any attempts at impropriety (from PR companies).

Will it be Tatiana Fokina, Evgeny Chichvarkin, and Ollie Dabbous’ extra massive no-expense-spared Mayfair masterwork; Margaret Crow and Brett Redman’s stab at creating the coolest hotel restaurant in the city; the Shoreditch grill that transformed a strip club into the city’s most sought-after restaurant; a mid-century modern neo-bistro in Peckham; or London’s coolest bakery?

No time like the present, folks. Judge those books by their covers. And please vote below now: