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Two Canny London Restaurateurs Will Open a Restaurant in Cornwall

Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell will open their fourth restaurant in summer 2019

Westerns Laundry, Primeur and Jolene restaurateurs Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell will open a new restaurant in Cornwall Samuel Ashton

Restaurateur Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and chef David Gingell — co-founders of Holloway neighbourhood restaurants Primeur and Westerns Laundry, and Newington Green bakery and wine bar Jolene — will open their fourth restaurant in Cornwall, in the summer of 2019.

The duo announced the opening on the Westerns Laundry Instagram account: “Summer 2019 sees us opening a little place by the blue waters of the South Cornish Coast.” Primeur chef Jack Sorrell will oversee the food, while the announcement also doubled up as an advertisement for a general manager role.

Cometto-Lingenheim and Gingell have put their restaurant ethos to the fore more explicitly since opening Jolene. While Primeur and Westerns Laundry’s adherence to sustainable supply chains, natural winemaking, and straightforward cookery is manifest on both menus — and so many of the capital’s — the announcement and opening of the Newington Green restaurant and bakery marked a more pointed explanation of the thinking behind the restaurants. Arable farmer Andy Cato’s grains, transplanted from Gascony to the English countryside, at the heart of a menu that pledges to “sourcing well-farmed produce ethically grown with soil fertility in mind and tended with care.”

Moving to Cornwall for the next restaurant — a region embraced by many of London’s most creative chefs for its meat, fish, and vegetables — is another, even more explicit statement of intent. Cometto-Lingenheim said: “We just want to get closer to the source of the fresh produce that part of the country affords. It’s also a way of giving our staff an outlet away from the frantic London life where they can relocate and experience a slower pace while keeping with the ethos and standards of what we do.”

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