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Cornish Chef Will Depart Knightsbridge Restaurant After Losing Michelin Star

The Goring Hotel in Westminster will open a new restaurant “with the help of” Nathan Outlaw

Cornish chef Nathan Outlaw will leave former Michelin star restaurant Outlaw’s at the Capital in London for The Goring Hotel Nathan Outlaw [Official Photo]

Nathan Outlaw will leave Outlaw’s at the Capital hotel to open a new Cornish seafood restaurant at The Goring Hotel in Westminster, as reported by the Evening Standard.

A statement on The Goring Hotel’s website said, “With the help of Nathan Outlaw, the new restaurant will offer simple seafood dishes of understated brilliance that showcase the best of Cornish seafood and produce.” That “with the help of” suggests that Outlaw’s role will be consulting, and it’s not yet clear whether his name will be on the restaurant, as with Outlaw’s at the Capital, where he is also a consulting chef. That restaurant lost its Michelin star in the 2019 announcement, having held it since 2014, with Tom Brown’s departure for his debut restaurant Cornerstone possibly proving critical. Outlaw’s departure may not close the restaurant, but a name change will surely be in order.

Outlaw’s home restaurant, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, holds two Michelin stars, and has done since 2012, despite relocating to Port Isaac in 2015. The Goring’s chief executive, Jeremy Goring, told the Evening Standard that Londoners should expect “an eccentric, uplifting space ... and rollicking singalongs at the appropriate time.”

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