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East London’s Master Mixologist Tony C to Open a New Restaurant in Mayfair

Tony Conigliaro and chef Rob Roy Cameron have announced they will open Gazelle on Albemarle Street

Rob Roy Cameron and Tony Conigliaro
Drink Factory/Official

Mixologist and bar owner, Tony Conigliaro, and chef Rob Roy Cameron have announced that they have secured a location for a joint venture called Gazelle, which is set to open on Albemarle Street in Mayfair this May.

Gazelle will open for breakfast early in the morning, and operate as an all-day dining restaurant, serving lunch, dinner and selection of bar snacks in the evening. Like Untitled, which opened in 2017, Gazelle will be a restaurant as much as it is a bar.

About the opening, Conigliaro’s seventh, he said: ““This will be a bit of a new direction for me. I always wanted to open a place where the food stood equal with the drinks and would be a complete destination in its own right. With Rob, I’’ve been lucky enough to discover someone who works and thinks like me and just gets it. We spent months looking at various sites but knew as soon as we walked into this one that it would afford us the space and scope to really make it into something special for both of us.”

Gazelle — a two storey cafe, bar and restaurant, inside a 1820s Georgian building — is located at number 48 Albemarle Street.

Matt Farrell, director of Trophaeum Mayfair Estate said that there is a plan to further Albemarle Street’s cultural and culinary credentials (it is a street that currently includes high-end Indian restaurants Gymkhana and Indian Accent): “”We have a clear vision with Albemarle Street, to bring together the most exciting fashion brands, food and drink concepts and cultural outlets... The creative energy of Tony and Rob is infectious, and their new concept is a perfect fit for Albemarle Street.”

Conigliaro is the founder and owner of Drink Factory, a group that includes his original bar, 69 Colebroke Row, as well as Bar Termini Soho and Centrale, Untitled and Luciole. He is also involved in Jim’s Cafe in Clapton.


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