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Anti-Small Talk Restaurant in Shoreditch Creates Cheese-Pulling World Championships

Rascals is known variously for a waterproof dining room, water pistols, a gunge chair and jelly war 

Chef Heritier Nsemi shows how cheese-pulling is done
Rascals Official

Rascals, the Shoreditch restaurant famous for its zero-tolerance for small talk and embrace of champagne-spraying, has created a series of novelty cheese-stretching events with Tottenham-based cheesemonger, The Urban Cheese Maker. Called Fromage à Trois Cheese Night!, the series will take place every other week throughout the months of February and March.

The events comprise three elements (hence the trois.)

  1. Evenings begin with a mozzarella masterclass from head chef Heritier Nsemi. An apparently “messy” hands-on tutorial will involve twisting, balling and plaiting curd to create a starter. (Nsemi has previously worked at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Petrus, so has form.)
  2. Post mozzarella-making, guests will segue rather abruptly to France to “enjoy all the theatre of L’Aubrac region’s iconic classic” — aligot (mashed potatoes loaded with melted cheese) served with the traditional pairing of boudin blanc and a rich French onion gravy. The cheese for the aligot will be melted and served table-side, creating, what Rascals proudly announces as “perfect Insta-worthy cheese pulling moments.” Vegetarian options are also available.
  3. Finally, host Mary Camemberry has promised that there will be unspecified “games, entertainment and prizes, including free drinks plus “the chance to win your own weight in cheese from The Urban Cheese Maker.”

Business Insider who has created a quasi-promotional film for the event says that “organisers expect 11 kg of cheese to be stretched every night” and, forecasting great demand, that “they have over 50 kg on reserve.” Cheese “pulls” are reportedly able to reach heights of two metres.

Rascals — the sister venue of Ballie Ballerson, the adult ball pool bar next door — is an unconventional restaurant. Since it opened at the end of last year, it has introduced not only a waterproof private dining room, but a ‘gunge chair’, ‘jelly wars’ and water fights. It calls itself the “perfect place to let loose.”

Tickets cost £29 and, for those who can stomach the puns, can be purchased here.

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