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Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Claw Has Closed Its Site in the City

Japanese restaurant Rainbo has opened on the site in Finsbury Avenue Square

Rainbo, which has opened on the site of Claw, in the City
Eater London

Eater has learnt that Claw — the sustainable seafood restaurant which recently expanded its operation to Kingly Street in Soho — has closed its original site on Finsbury Avenue Square in the City.

Although no official statement has been released by or on behalf of the restaurant, Eater has learnt that the site has been replaced by the Japanese food brand Rainbo, a first bricks and mortar site for the popular gyoza street food trader, founded by Xochi and Ben Balfour. Today, Rainbo announced on Instagram that it was hiring staff for its new site.

Claw began as a market stall and regular at festivals and events across the country, promoting sustainable seafood suppliers in in Salcombe, Devon. When it set up in a shipping container in the summer of last year on Finsbury Avenue Square, it was one of three food outlets. It had previously done a temporary takeover of the kitchen at The Sun & 13 Cantons pub in Soho and was scheduled to remain in position in Broadgate until at least the end of this year.

Fabian Clark, the business’s owner, founded Claw in 2015 after he says he discovered that Britain exports approximately 80% of its crab to the rest of Europe and Asia “rather than enjoying the bountiful benefits of our large coastline here at home.”

Clark has made efforts to change the perception “that seafood is an expensive luxury.” He’s said that when buying British, “there is no reason why we can’t eat fresh, quality seafood on a daily basis.” Claw deals directly with fishermen, cutting out the middlemen “to ensure that they receive the best produce, but also keeps costs down.”

Claw did not immediately respond to Eater’s request for comment about the restaurant’s closure.


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The Sun & 13 Cantons

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