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Big Money ‘Clubstaurant’ Bagatelle Set to Open in Mayfair this Spring

The international, boozy brunch brand inspired by Provence, will replace Quattro Passi on Dover Street

Bagatelle, in Miami Beach
Bagatelle [Official Photo]

The international club-restaurant chain Bagatelle has announced that it will open a first London outpost, in “the Mayfair district” this spring. The Google listing for the branch is at 34 Dover Street, on the site of what was, until very recently, the Italian restaurant Quattro Passi, which is listed as “permanently closed.”

On Instagram, a new account called @bagatellelondon recently announced, “The newest addition to the Bagatelle family... Follow your “joie de vivre” to #BagatelleLondon. Opening spring of 2018 in the Mayfair district!”

Aymeric Clemente and Remi Laba
Bagatelle New York/

The group, which was initially set up in New York by French restaurateurs Aymeric Clemente and Remi Laba in 2012, now has properties all over the world — in Miami, Ramatuelle, St. Barth, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Punta del Este, Monte Carlo and Ibiza. It takes its inspiration from Provence in the French south east.

It is known as a scene-y, clubby, boozy brunch location in New York City’s Meatpacking district and, although the brand seeks synonymity with the ideals of joie de vivre, has been mired in controversy for discrimination not once, but twice in the past two years.

Bagatelle did not respond to requests from Eater for more information about the specific timing of the London opening.


34 Dover Street, London , W1S 4NG Visit Website