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Gordon Ramsay’s Operations Director Has Departed the Company

Simon King follows Stuart Gillies who left his post as CEO earlier this year

Simon King has left the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Group

Gordon Ramsay’s director of operations across his restaurant portfolio has departed the company. Simon King, who still lists the role as his current occupation on Twitter and LinkedIn, has “stepped down,” according to a report by MCA. He had been in the post for just over a year.

Before taking the role with Ramsay, King worked as “Director General Show” — between October 2014 and January 2017 — for Danny Meyer’s US-based Union Square Hospitality Group in New York City.

King’s departure comes less than a month after Stuart Gillies was confirmed to have been replaced as the company CEO. The restaurant group has remained completely silent on that issue, refusing to respond to multiple requests for comment.

Gillies, for his part, was credited with the changing fortunes of the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Group, when it was announced, for the first time in five years, that the company had turned a profit in 2017.

Andy Wenlock, who had been rumoured to replace Gillies as CEO, was appointed as a director of the company at the end of January. He is still officially listed as managing director of the group, though would appear to be affecting internal change from his new position of authority.