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Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Group Appears to Have Quietly Replaced Its CEO

Official records reveal that Stuart Gillies, who held the position since 2016, was removed as a director last month

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Gordon Ramsay wears a suit against a chevron-printed background, while pulling a strange face
Gordon Ramsay Holdings’ CEO Stuart Gillies has been terminated of his role as a director
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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant group has terminated as director the company’s CEO Stuart Gillies, new filings with Companies House show. In late January it was revealed, after sources informed The Caterer, that Gillies had departed the company. Representatives from Gordon Ramsay Holdings refused to comment at the time, while Gillies himself denied the reports.

However, according to the group’s latest filings with Companies House, on Friday 2 March, the “Termination of appointment of Stuart Gillies as a director” took place on 8 February.

Representatives from Gordon Ramsay Holdings have not responded to Eater’s request for comment.

Gillies — a former chef — was appointed the company’s chief executive in 2016, having worked in different roles for Ramsay for over 15 years. Before that, he had been managing director since 2011. Andrew William (Andy) Wenlock — who took that role following Gillies’ promotion, and who has been rumoured to be waiting in line to replace Gillies as CEO — was appointed as a director of the company at the end of January.

As well as holding the position of CEO, Gillies held a large shareholding in the company. In 2015, The Telegraph reported that Ramsay had rewarded him with £2.7 million in shares. Gillies was also credited with the changing fortunes of the company, when it was announced that it turned a profit for the first time in five years, in 2017.

The Gordon Ramsay group operates 14 restaurants in London.