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Another Iconic Neapolitan Pizzeria is Coming to London

50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo will open on Northumberland Avenue this May

50 Kalò [official photo]

50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo, the celebrated, eponymous Neapolitan pizzeria of third-generation master pizzaiolo Ciro Salvo, is set to make its UK debut in May this year, when it will open in the former Northumberland Avenue site of Bianco 43, Big Hospitality reports.

The original 50 Kalò opened in 2014 on Naples’ Sannazzaro Piazza — the first venture of Ciro Salvo, who grew up in the pizzeria opened by his grandmother in Portici in 1968, and co-owner Alessandro Guglielmini — with a particular focus on the quality of the dough. The name itself is a mix of pizzaiolo’s slang and Neapolitan dialect that translates roughly to good dough: in an early New York Times interview, Salvo explained, “by achieving high hydration and by using low-protein flours, we make a dough that is more digestible than the traditional pizzerias.”

Ciro Salvo, in his eponymous Neapolitan pizzeria
50 Kalò [official photo]

This same model will be central to the London operation, and Salvo will for some months split his time between Naples and London, ensuring, he says, that “the pizza makers in the new premises will be trained and educated on the know-how of 50 Kalò: the formula will not change.” That formula will also include the requisite importing of tomatoes, fior di latte and mozzarella from Campania to satisfy the requirements of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, who certify “true” Neapolitan pizza making worldwide. The London restaurant, which will seat 100 diners, will also offer a variety of snacks and side dishes, as well as a range of Italian-focussed wines and craft beers.

Salvo describes the move to London as “a great challenge”, but says it has been a goal of his for some time. “The idea of ​​opening a pizzeria in the United Kingdom,” he says, “is... one I’ve really always cultivated in these years and now the right time has come”.