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Fried Chicken Street Food Traders to Open First Restaurant In Farringdon

Mother Clucker is set to open its first restaurant on Rosebery Avenue, near Exmouth Market


Mother Clucker, the fried chicken street food brand and Deliveroo Editions early adopter, is set to open its first brick-and-mortar restaurant, on the Rosebery Avenue site formerly home to Kerbisher.

A report from MCA in January mooted the possibility of such a move, though Eater understands it is now confirmed; hoarding at the site in question promises “deep fried goodness, coming to Exmouth Market, real clucking soon.”

Hoarding at the site promises “deep fried goodness... real clucking soon”
George Reynolds/Eater London

Founders Ross Curnow and Brittney Bean have been incredibly successful in expanding their street food brand and identity through Deliveroo Editions: their sole permanent physical presence to date remains a converted military ambulance in Shoreditch’s Truman Brewery, while they also operate through KERB street food markets, and from two Editions sites in Whitechapel and Swiss Cottage, having previously also been present in Crouch End and other Editions-serviced neighbourhoods.

In a December panel discussion lead by Courier Magazine, featuring Bean in conversation with Zan Kaufman (founder, Bleecker Burger) and Toussaint Wattine (Uber Eats), Bean explained that Mother Clucker had committed to the relationship with Deliveroo early on, having been “excited at the additional revenue stream.” Nevertheless, she acknowledged that there were difficulties associated with servicing delivery orders from a physical outlet; serving customers who are physically present, and still getting “all this food out to these dudes on mopeds standing around going like… ‘if you don’t give me this food, I’m going to go mental’.”

While this experience underlines the existing split in the physical:virtual presences of Mother Clucker, it will be interesting to see how the company’s first restaurant strikes the balance between the inevitable demand — both in person and online, if offered — of a highly visible Exmouth Market location.

Bleecker burger

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