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This Is What Happens to the Food World When the Sun Comes Out

Plus more news, menus, photos, and drama, according to Instagram

Tomatoes: the food of the summer

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter should probably have been a little less saturated and turned down a tad.

News of the week

Suns out, phones out. Yes — in an extraordinary turn of events, the previous seven days have seen something no less remarkable than the damn thing actually shining, which has sent the mercury on the Basic thermometer skyrocketing, as well as occasioning a terrifying proliferation of two types of photo: blossom shots, and close-ups of that quintessential harbinger of good weather, the tomato. When the temperature rises, everyone, it seems wants to embrace their inner Elizabeth David and just cook good, simple ingredients with the minimum level of fuss and intervention. For a few fleeting days, at least.

Feed-clogging event of the week

A close-run thing this week, as the PR effort for Beck at Browns seems to be gaining genuine traction among influencers and hashtag enthusiasts alike. But with a guest list including some of London’s best chefs and most-followed social media celebrities, there was only ever going to be one winner. Welcome to the world, Tom Brown’s Cornerstone.

Awards drama of the week

Just days after the humiliating Fortnum and Mason awards Instagram shutout, there is precious little chance of a repeat over at the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards, not least because there appears to be a category for

Taking Back Control win of the week

Ah yes, the classic English cooked Brexit Breakfast. After the dazzling advances made over the past decades, is there a better way to commemorate St George’s day than with a harsh reminder of our culinary future?

There'll always be an English breakfast.....#happystgeorgesday #greenandpleasantland

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Caption with room for improvement of the week

“You vs the guy she told you not to worry about”?

Interesting Collab of the week

To plunge into the balmy waters of the #tanqueraysevilla hashtag is to realise quite how much promotional cash the average booze brand has at its disposal — enough to bring both a big-name chef and a big-name influencer along for the ride, easy. It’s a shame, then, that all the money in the world doesn’t appear able to buy a genuine sense of enthusiasm.

Time for a Tanqueray tipple. What say you?! @tanqueraygb #tanqueraysevilla

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Dish of the week

Cold, tart, refreshing, delicious. Presumably.

Goats milk “coalhada” shio koji gariguette

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Shot of the week

Did someone mention the sun was out?