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Bad: Covent Garden Diner Launches Trump-Inspired ‘MAGA Burger’

Even in jest, hopefully Maxwell’s is the first and last to create dishes in honour of the president’s U.K. visit next month

The hideous and hideously named “MAGA burger” by Maxwell’s
Maxwell’s [Official Photo]

Covent Garden’s (failing?) American restaurant Maxwell’s Bar & Grill is hungry for PR. There are few other plausible explanations for its newest, obscene creation: a one kilogram MAGA (Make America Great Again) Burger which includes two 8oz beef patties, a pulled pork patty, deep-fried courgettes, caramelised onions, crispy golden fries, tomato, lettuce, secret burger sauce, and three kinds of melted cheese, inside a toasted brioche bun. It is priced at £22.95.

Announcing the menu special which will be available at the restaurant from 9 — 15 July (the dates of Trump’s first visit to the U.K. as president), Maxwell’s says the “monster” burger is “thick, meaty and rich...though much, much easier to stomach!”

Alongside the burger, Maxwell’s will launch the £9 Stormy Trumptini cocktail. A drink which presumably borrows the name of the adult film actress Stormy Daniels who alleges she had an affair with Trump. The drink is described thus: A “vibrant orange concoction inspired by Donald’s famous Oompa Loompa-like complexion” — a concoction of vanilla vodka, Passoa liqueur, passionfruit juice and passionfruit puree, and served with “a red ‘Detonator Button’ shot” of prosecco and grenadine, which represents the red button attached to the nuclear codes, which have been characterised as especially vulnerable under Trump’s stewardship. The cocktail — “in homage to Trump’s famously authentic, all-natural, wispy blonde bouffant” — is garnished with yellow candy floss.

The announcement signs off: “President Trump, we’re ready for you!” — which, even if like the rest of the announcement, is in jest, makes light of a visit that was not only protested by 1.3 million Britons, but by using the president’s controversial slogan, cynically attempts to reduce one of history’s least funny leaders to a joke.