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California’s Famous In-N-Out Burger Is Popping Up in North London Today

The iconic west coast burger chain is at Carob Tree in Highgate

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California’s famous burger chain In-N-Out is running a “secret” pop-up at the Carob Tree restaurant in Highgate, north London, this lunchtime. The Evening Standard reports that “all produce was flown in from the U.S.”— in preparation for the one-day pop-up — yesterday. It will be serving burgers until 3.30pm today.

It is not the first time the burger brand has popped up for a very limited time in the capital. Nor is it the first time it has elected a comparatively unknown location. It seems, where others go for, In-N-Out are architects of anti-hype.

In-N-Out last popped up in the U.K. in September 2016, a move which reportedly drew five-hour-long queues. Then — the brand, which is clearly a fan of north London — arrived at Estancia Brasil, the Brazilian steakhouse in Finchley Road.

Given the popularity and so-far success of other major U.S. burger chains in London — Shake Shack just celebrated its fifth anniversary in the U.K., while Five Guys continues to charge across the nation — might this be a sign that In-N-Out is ready to join them?

It could be unlikely, since In-N-Out operates principally on the west coast of America, and has only recently expanded from that region to Texas. But, never say never.

Location: Carob Tree: 15 Highgate Road, (Corner of swains lane), London NW5 1QX

Shake Shack

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