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Lavish Piccadilly Circus Restaurant Savini at Criterion Is No More

Eater understands it will reopen under the same management with a different name, in three weeks time

Criterion’s dining room, on Piccadilly Circus
The lavish interior of Savini at Criterion
Savini at Criterion/Bookatable

Savini at Criterion — a place which describes itself as a “1874 Neo-Byzantine-style restaurant serving Modern European dishes in a lavish setting” — has closed. Its website is no longer active, and a staff member at the restaurant this afternoon told Eater that it would reopen under different management in a little under three weeks time.

Eater understands that hoarding outside the property, which is on Piccadilly Circus in central London, says “GRANARIO CAFÉ COMING.” A member of staff who would not say if they worked for Granario or Savini at Criterion, confirmed that it would re-open with this name.

The member of staff, who said they were not able to comment on the fate of the staff at Savini, said that Granario would reopen under different management. However, Eater understands from sources this is not the case: That Savini has filed for bankruptcy and will reopen, under the same management, just with a different name.

Granario Cafe is expected to open on 20th July.

More soon.