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Music-Adjacent Food Festival Will Launch in Camden

Sound Bites brings together food and music for carnivores and herbivores

Selin Kiazim of Oklava and Kyseri, who will headline Hawksmoor’s Charity Dinner along with four other London chefs
Selin Kiazim of Oklava and Kyseri, who will headline Sound Bites along with five other London chefs
Oklava [Official Photo]

A new food and music festival is coming to Camden in September. Or, rather, a music-adjacent food festival. Sound Bites will take place at The Roundhouse on 29 September, with six high-profile London chefs and two high-profile DJ sets. As with Wilderness Festival, London restaurants are going to have a field day.

Each of the six chefs has created two dishes for the event: one “Carnivore” and one “Herbivore.” Carnivore dishes are omnivore, while herbivore dishes are vegetarian and/or vegan. Ticketing is strictly either/or, with the event planning to determine portions according to ticket sales and therefore waste less food, The 66.6 percent male line-up reads as follows:

Tomos Parry — Brat
Grilled leek, brown butter, fresh cheese and bottarga (C)
Grilled leek, brown butter, nut cheese (H)

Selin Kiazim — Oklava and Kyseri
Smoked lamb ribs on garlic toast, spicy hazelnut ezme and yoghurt (C)
Chilli roast cauliflower, red onion, parsley and pistachios (H)

Robin Gill — The Dairy
Cornish cod, barbecued sweetcorn, clam & chorizo XO (C)
Barbecued Kentish corn, polenta, fresh cobnuts, sour onions (H)

Tom Harris & Jon Rotheram — The Marksman
Devilled ox tongue, grilled sourdough and curd (C)
Devilled courgette, grilled sourdough and curd (H)

Merlin Labron-Johnson — Portland
Pigs head croquettes with honey, turnips and mustard (C)
Heritage beetroot with blackberries, beetroot hummus and orach (H)

Ravinder Bhogal — Jikoni
Prawn toast Scotch egg, banana ketchup, pickled cucumber (C)
Sweet potato bhel, green mango and pomegranate (H)

Foals and Hot Chip have been confirmed on DJ sets; the rest of the music is “old school dance, electric and disco tunes,” with more acts to come.

The Roundhouse had already been slated to host a new London food festival this summer. Plant Life, a collaboration between Natoora, Richard Turner and Clare Isaacs of festival organisers Sprout, fell through after disagreements over the vision for the event. While promising (some) music, this is unquestionably a food festival, reflecting the growing preoccupation with food and restaurants as part of lifestyle culture.

Soundbites | 29 September 6pm — 11pm
The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Rd, NW1 8EH | Tickets £75, on sale 20 August