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Incredibly, the Avocado Restaurant Pop-Up Goes Permanent

The dystopia is real, as Avobar confirms its opening in Covent Garden

The avocado ‘burger’
Avo Bar [Official Photo]

The avocado restaurant — “London’s first all-avo casual dining concept” — London did not need is happening.

Avobar, the avo(cado) bar that popped up on Henrietta Street in October 2017 is getting a permanent location. On Henrietta Street, in Covent Garden.

And yet, there is genuine excitement elsewhere. In a story broken by the Evening Standard, there is talk of dreams realised, a future set in stone, and the use of the words “avolicious,” “hurrah,” and “lush.”

Luckily, this dream was realised on Covent Garden’s Floral Street but only as an Insta-friendly pop-up devoted to all things avolicious. Thing is, is that it’s future was never set in stone... until now.

After months of trying to find the perfect spot, Avobar is finally getting a permanent location on Henrietta Street. Hurrah.

Opening to us avo lovers on August 23, the uber-pretty place launches with an eclectic menu devoted to everyone’s favourite green super fruit. Think sourdough or sweet potato ‘toast’, topped with smashed avocado served with a homemade coconut labneh, beetroot hummas and feta. Lush.

Some questions

  • What is “this dream?”
  • What is “avolicious?”
  • Who are “us” avo lovers?
  • Why?

Recent Soho success story Victor Garvey, who runs Rambla and Sibarita and will open Bar Jaleo in the autumn, says he was approached for consultation on the project, but graciously turned it down:

London’s previous restaurant dalliances with this most trendy of fruits have been furtively squirrelled away inside restaurants and department stores. Cantina Laredo opened a dedicated guacamole bar inside itself last year, while the same restaurant this week celebrated “National Avocado Day” with this avocado gelato, which looks suspiciously like this avocado gelato tucked away in Selfridges, which looks suspiciously like this avocado gelato. Between this news and the arrival of highly conflicted Italian brand Vyta (VyTA), Covent Garden is truly on the way to something.