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Formerly Cult Burger Restaurant Will Open in Battersea

Meatliquor will add to its nine restaurants

London burger restaurant Meatliquor will close in Brixton, but is looking for a new gourmet junk food site Ola Smit

Meatliquor (MEATliquor) will open a new restaurant in Battersea. The brand, known for its dude food stylings, announced the news on its Instagram last night, saying, with many emojis:

PSA Live South? ✔️Love MEAT? ✔️well, great news - we’re opening next month on Northcote road SW11, next door to our pals @francomancapizz It’ll be small but perfectly formed... stay tuned for more deets (the awning will change)

The burger restaurants have already operated in Battersea out of Deliveroo Editions “dark kitchens,” but the partnership was short-lived as Meatliquor did not believe that it suited the product. The restaurant’s “Dead Hippie” burger is one of the most-ordered items on the platform, but sending it out from a separate kitchen did not prove viable.

The brand has nine London restaurants, seven Meatliquors, one Meatmarket in the Jubilee Market on Covent Garden, and one Meatmission in Hoxton. It released a cookbook, The MEATliquor Chronicles: Chapter and Verse, in 2014. The brand’s identity, formerly revered for its gonzo stylings, is likely in need of reappraisal as one of the last vestiges of a toxic, rockstar chef culture; that book was criticised for its tone and language, including repeated references to “not being such a fucking pussy” about chilli, burgers, and meat.

More soon.


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