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Eater’s Next Live Event Will Ask: What Is Modern British Cuisine? [Updated]

Farokh Talati, Shuko Oda, and Jon Rotheram will be asked where it came from, how has it evolved, and where will it go next?

The dining room at Fergus Henderson’s St. John Bread and Wine, the classic, modern British restaurant that forms part of the best 24 hour restaurant travel itinerary for London — where to eat with one day in the city Ola Smit/Eater London



Eater London and Ace Hotel London will host its third Eater Talks panel discussion to explore the origins, evolution, and future of modern British cuisine.

With Farokh Talati, head chef at St John Bread and Wine; Shuko Oda, head chef and owner of Koya; and Jon Rotheram, co-owner and head chef at the Marksman, the panel be asked: What is modern British cuisine? Is it new? Is it real? Is it actually French? And how has an increasing plurality of inspiration affected what “modern British” means in 2018?

Entry: Free with RSVP — The Rooftop, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch.

Sign up here.

Eater London and Ace Hotel hope to see you there; stay tuned for further announcements regarding upcoming Eater Talks.

Ace Hotel

100 Shoreditch High Street, , England E1 6JQ 020 7613 9800 Visit Website

St John Bread and Wine

94-96 Commercial Street, , England E1 6LZ 020 7251 0848 Visit Website


254 Hackney Rd, London, Greater London E2 7SJ +44 20 7739 7393 Visit Website

Koya Bar

50 Frith St, Soho, Greater London W1D 4SQ +44 20 7434 4463 Visit Website