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Hello Kitty to Wreak Viral Havoc in Soho with Instagram Dessert

The Sanrio character will collaborate with Bubblewrap on a limited edition waffle dessert

The Hello Kitty Bubblewrap Instagram dessert at Bubblewrap in Soho, London, serving viral Hong Kong egg waffles Bubblewrap [Official Photo]

Hello Kitty is coming to London to make a viral Soho dessert even more viral. The world-famous Japanese cartoon character — “born” in London, 1974 — will partner with Hong Kong egg waffle purveyor and video traffic monster Bubblewrap on a limited edition dessert, only available until the end of September.

The Hello Kitty Bubblewrap launches today, and is made with a red velvet waffle base. That already highly photogenic deep crimson is made even more grabby: pink rose and strawberry gelato; the holy basic dessert trinity of whipped cream, melted chocolate, and strawberries; a bespoke chocolate. The limited edition wrap is wrapped in a limited edition wrapper, and priced at £7.99, £21.51 cheaper than London restaurant Instagram’s current darling.

Most excitingly, and disturbingly, Hello Kitty “herself” will be visiting, and available for interviews, despite lacking a mouth. The visit will take place Friday 21 September, in a shower of free waffles, a hashtag-to-enter Instagram competition, and likes. So many likes. All. The. Likes.

Hello Kitty was not available for comment at the time of writing.