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A Bright Star of Modern Dining in Hackney Will Close Shop [Updated]

Legs has announced on Instagram that its final service will be on 5 October but promises “bigger and better things” elsewhere

Strawberries, cream and meringue at Legs on Lower Clapton Road in Hackney, the restaurant that will close on 5 October Legs [Official Photo]

Modern Antipodean restaurant Legs has announced on Instagram that it will close.

The restaurant, owned and helmed by chef Magnus Reid, opened in May 2016 and has become one of the most admired, if cult-followed, modern restaurants in the borough. The Instagram post states that although the restaurant will close, “gossipers” need not apply conjecture and are told to expect “bigger and better things” from the team in, it is thought, new premises.

Reid recently did cook his food in bigger premises, partnering with Leicester Square’s hyper-chic and decidedly un-Hackney W Hotel for an “ambitious dining series.” That ambition — paired with a self-awareness and whimsy that etched itself across the menu — was what earned the restaurant its plaudits, and made it the kind of place that Londoners ought to rediscover.

“News flash! Legs is closing its doors on the 6th of October (last service being dinner of the 6th),” the post states. “A huge thanks to all of our suppliers, customers, and staff over the years for helping make the restaurant the success it was for us. For the gossipers, we are closing because we are moving onto bigger and better things; things we can’t do here in our little corner of Hackney. Sleep tight sweet prince...”

Eater London contacted Reid asking if he was able to share any further details of the team’s forthcoming plans. He told Eater:

Legs closing isn’t at all a sad event, perhaps for the fans, but personally is great. It signifies the freedom to do more and opens opportunity, it’s been a great couple of years, but as everything I do is very personal, it’s time to do something else.

As for what’s next, it’s top secret, only the highest ranking members of MI6 would have an idea at the moment. I imagine some members of the CIA too.

More soon.


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