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Brewdog Apparently Had No Idea Its Friends Would Endorse Trump with Beer

American brewery Scofflaw planned to reward those who support the American president in Brewdog pubs

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Craft beer company Brewdog launched a new TV network as “beerporn” this week — the internet was not impressed
Oh no, not again

Updated 12:59, 27.09.2018: Brewdog says it knew nothing about its collaborator’s plans, will cancel all events, and says it cares about people and beer, not hate.

Just when everyone thought the U.K.’s biggest craft (not craft) brewery, Brewdog, could not outdo its most recent controversial marketing stunt, today it confirms that it has outdone its most recent controversial marketing stunt. With it, the British brewer has dropped the bar to a new low.

Brewdog announced (and has now deleted) what at first glance appears to be a pretty benign collaboration with Scofflaw Brewing Co., an Atlanta-based brewery, whose name harks back to Prohibition. Scofflaw means: “a lawless drinker; a person who flouts the rules, conventions, or accepted practices.”

But Scofflaw issued its own marketing materials, which in are presented below, in full, without comment.

Free beer offered to UK Trump supporters this weekend by contentious US brewery ’Scofflaw’

This weekend see’s redneck US brewers Scofflaw (known as the ‘Jackass brand of the brewing industry’) partner with badass beer brand Brewdog to launch in the UK.

The self-confessed ‘trailer trash’ brewers are renowned in the states for their lawless attitude and have landed in London today – their aim?

To get the UK ‘beered up redneck style’, completely free of charge! But there is a hook… you have to be a Trump supporter.

Scofflaw are putting tens of thousands of pounds behind Brewdog bars in Shoreditch, Soho, Shepherd’s Bush, Tower Hill, Manchester and Leeds over the next 7 days and are intending to crash onto the UK beer scene with their tagline: “There’s a little dissent in everything we do”

The brewers will also be doing various activities over the coming week including demolishing beer can pillars in a monster truck and beer can clay pigeon shooting.

A recent piece of video content produced by Scofflaw includes footage of the team ‘shooting up’ cans of beer which weren’t up to standard. Absolute legends.

Although Brewdog itself has not yet confirmed any official endorsement of the specifics of stunt, the company is a known “friend” of the Atlanta brewer. A video promoted on Brewdog’s TV network — whose slogan appropriates the poet and musician Gil Scott Heron’s The revolution will not be televised — asks whether “Southern charm and Scottish charisma coexist?” Watch to find the answer.