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Patisserie Perfectionists Will Open in Paddington

Mille Patisserie will — appropriately — specialise in the mille crêpe

Mille crepes at Mille Patisserie, soon to open at London Paddington Station Mille Patisserie [Official Photo]

Mille Patisserie — specialising in gâteaux mille crêpes — will launch in Paddington this September.

The mille crêpe, popularised in London by Kova Patisserie in Soho, consists of numerous layers of gossamer crêpes, separated by flavoured crème pâtissière and stacked to form a “cake.” The resulting creation reveals its fine layers when sliced, making it ripe for Instagram plunder; that said, its simplicity and elegance contrasts with other offerings long on visuals and short on taste.

Mille will aim for the taste-as-good-as-it-looks benchmark by using Valhrona chocolate, Sicilian lemons, Kyoto matcha and Nagoya sesame — thought not all at the same time — to flavour and top its chocolate, lemon, matcha, and sesame gâteaux. Sesame will be ground in-house; lemons will be juiced by hand; chocolate will be melted in-house.

With Workshop Coffee opening at The Pilgrm and avocado warriors Daisy Green holding down brunch with a vice-like grip, Paddington station’s food offering is slowly coming up to temperature. That said, with the excellent Lebanese, Kurdish, Syrian, and Iranian restaurants that direct the traffic of Edgware Road just a short walk away, Eater would contend that it’s been one of the city’s best for a long time.

Mille Patisserie, 8a Spring St, W2 3RA
Open 10th September

The Pilgrm

25 London Street, London , W2 1HH Visit Website

Kova Patisserie

9 Saint Anne's Court, , England W1F 0BB 020 7494 9866 Visit Website