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Jamaican Restaurant and Bar in Deptford Goes Fully Vegan

Buster Mantis has announced it will trial a “plant-based take on Jamaican food” for three months in collaboration with the musician Denai Moore

Musician Denai Moore is collaborating with Jamaican restaurant Buster Mantis
Buster Mantis/Twitter

The bar, music venue, and Jamaican restaurant Buster Mantis in Deptford has announced that it will go fully vegan for three months as of this evening (4 September, 2018.) The venue will work in partnership, following two recent pop-ups, with the musician Denai Moore, who is also the founder of modern vegan Jamaican food brand, Dee’s Table.

“Morning all, big announcement: from tonight and for the next 3 months, we’re going 100% vegan,” the venue wrote on Twitter today. “From the amazing response to the pop-ups, we’ve decided to collaborate with @DenaiMoore for a plant-based take on the Jamaican food that we’ve known and loved our whole lives. Come try?”

The venue added that it was the first time in its nearly three years of operation that it has changed the output of the kitchen “so drastically.” Until now, the restaurant was known for familiar Jamaican dishes such as jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish and curry. On Instagram, the owners admitted that they’d “already had a few customers walk out when they couldn’t get their beloved Buster Mantis jerk chicken, but to put it intellectually: ‍♂️.”

“We’d like to welcome Dee [Moore] to the Buster Mantis family, and we hope you guys like her food as much as we do. She’ll be starting tomorrow, September 4th. See you then,” the owners added.

Brown aubergine stew at Deptford vegan Jamaican restaurant Buster Mantis, one of the best restaurants in Deptford, south east London
Brown Stew: braised aubergine, mushrooms and okra, with gungo rice and peas
Buster Mantis/Twitter
Vegan jackfruit burger at Buster Mantis pop up Dee’s Table
The escovitch ‘fish’ burger: jackfruit-based burger, with spring onion aioli and hot pickle
Buster Mantis/Twitter

More soon.