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New Marylebone Restaurant Promises a Full English Breakfast, Wellness-Style

A.O.K. Kitchen and Bakery will offer a “nutritious take” on a classic fry-up

AOK gluten free and dairy free bakery in Marylebone Picture Plane

A.O.K. Kitchen and Bakery will open on Dorset Street in Marylebone this February, promising “a nutritious take” on a full English breakfast as part of its “wellness”-oriented offer.

This is the debut bakery from Kelly Landesberg, a second generation restaurateur — her father, Gary Landesberg, is chairman of the Arts Club private members club in Mayfair. Both are listed as directors in parent company A.O.K. Kitchen.

The restaurant’s goods will focus on health, and wellness — there will be no refined sugar, and a prominent suite of gluten and dairy-free bakes, as well as “yeast free” — unleavened — bread. Coconut bowls and açai bowls will round out a breakfast menu that also includes that mercurial and “nutritious” full English, as well as the Instagram-ideal pancake stack with berries and ricotta.

Speciality breads and patisserie come courtesy of Sebastian Chiono, currently head baker at The Arts Club. These, with dairy and gluten-free bakes again prominent, will be the foil to an all-day menu long on crudités, salads, ceviches, and more salads — all bright, colourful, and geared towards those in search of a perfect shot to go alongside a ‘virtuous’ lunch.

Landesberg said: “I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to be opening my first restaurant surrounded by the love and support of such an amazing team. We all feel very privileged to be bringing a new space to Marylebone — it’s always felt like there is a strong sense of family community there, and I really hope A.O.K can be part of that.”

A.O.K. Kitchen and Bakery

52-55 Dorset Street, London, W7U 7NQ