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Shoreditch Collaboration Filled Instagram with Lamb Testicles and Ox Heart

Plus everything else London chefs, diners, and influencers were up to on the feed

London’s best restaurant pop-ups: Larb at Smoking Goat for offal monday with Black Axe Mangal Adam Coghlan/Eater London

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is transatlantic confusion.

News of the week

Collaborations between chefs and restaurants are a rare example of a genuine win-win in a climate that’s been at best tricky in recent months. The cooks get to have fun, and share ideas with their peers; punters, meanwhile, generally love the end result — and, it goes without saying, the bragging rights that come with attending a one-off event. This week saw one high-powered get-together announced, and another one delivered to a host of very happy customers, precisely none of whom seem to be observing ‘Veganuary.’

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Offal Monday @SmokingGoatSoho with @BlackAxeMangal.

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Flex of the week

Not content with doing some of the best pies in London, Calum Franklin has also pivoted to wedding cakes. £10 says the layers are actually different types of terrine.

Would you rather of the week

The correct answer: “both.”

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TARTARE #blackaxemangal

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Celebrity endorsement of the week

Coming soon to Gizzi Erskine and Rosemary Ferguson’s plant-based Shoreditch residency, Filth: the David Beck-no-ham burger?

Celebrity cameo of the week

“I am Jack’s” order of padrón peppers, tortilla, and croquetas.

Creative distances of the week

On Instagram, as in life, everyone has an angle. Users divide into informal schools of food photography — intentionally or not — diverging not by subject matter, but by how shots are framed. There are the ellipticals, the symmetricals, the centrists, the top-downers and the bottoms-up. With no many competing schools, the close-up photo feels almost transgressive in its disregard for negative space. But as these examples show, it’s also… Kind of awesome?

Video of the week

Footage from the new series of The Flash seems pretty underwhelming, with the CGI villain in particular looking surprisingly low-budget.

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“It’s alive..!”

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Recipe of the week

Yes, this looks like it might be worth giving a go. No one is saying the results will be healthy.

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Oh shit. Better do some veg Stat.

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Dish of the week

This’ll do nicely, too.

Shot of the week

A.K.A.: how to make a colour ‘pop.’