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‘Killing Vegans’ Food Editor Lands High-Profile Restaurant Critic Gig

Plus more London restaurant news today

Telegraph restaurant critic William Sitwell accuses London chef at 104 Notting Hill of sending him threats The Telegraph [Official Photo]

Editor who resigned over “killing vegans” immediately gets new, high-profile job

William Sitwell has recovered from the row over his “killing vegans” remark to land a new column at the Telegraph magazine. Sitwell had left his role at Waitrose Food after an unprofessional, aggressive email sent to journalist Selene Nelson, that was then published by Buzzfeed News. Sitwell’s first review, predictably, will be of a vegan restaurant. Sitwell will replace Michael Deacon, whose restaurant column frequently came under fire for appearing to revel in ignorant attitudes to food.

Popular Bulgarian restaurant chain will open first London site...

Happy Bar and Grill will take the former TGI Fridays site on Coventry Street near Piccadilly Circus.

... And it could be joined by German salad

Salaid, a German chopped salad chain in the vein of Chop’d, is looking at a London franchising operation. [MCA Insight/Paywall]

Riverside pasta specialists announce second restaurant

Emilia’s Crafted Pasta will open February 2019 at 77 Alie Street in Aldgate, following the fresh pasta formula that has won it acclaim and since taken over a considerable swathe of London casual dining.